Project FORTE Phase 2

Phase 2 focuses on the industrial application and commercialisation of the UK predictive capability for passive safety arguments. This project covers single phase heat transfer and natural convection for all advanced nuclear technologies (water, high temperature gas, liquid metal and molten salt).

All published deliverables from this work are available to download using the picture links below or visit the publications site for all exportable documents

A key part of this programme is its collaboration and integration with the other BEIS Nuclear Innovation Programmes, and its dissemination of results to upskill the UK’s thermal hydraulics capability.

Integration and Dissemination pinwheel diagram
Links to key sites:

Phase 2 develops solutions to model the thermal hydraulics of advanced nuclear technologies. This will upskill the UK in the design, development and evaluation of future reactor designs, using modern digital engineering practices to achieve net zero by 2050.

Reduce Cost

Improving performance, reliability and confidence.

Share Knowledge

Increase in knowledge and expertise to upskill UK industry.

Improve Assurance

Development and promotion of good practice for improved assurance.


A consortium linking academia, industry and government, including international partners.

Application Led

End-user engagement to ensure research relevance.


Validating modelling approaches using industry standard techniques and experimental data.
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